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        ABOUT JPMF

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        Company profile

        JPMF was founded in 1975, originated called Jiangmen Powder Metallurgy Factory Co., Ltd, as a stated owned company.  In 1994 it became to a private company and grew rapidly.  JPMF Guangdong Co., Ltd was established as brand-name in 2008; and issued IPO and successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

        As the advertisement ‘JPMF products, worldwide reputation’, JPMF has always provided a thorough magnet solutions, covering 8 magnet categories with over 2000 specifications, including hard ferrite magnets, rear earth magnets, soft ferrite sheets and ferrite cores.

        Jpmf’s services are widely used in motors, sensors and encoders for electrical tools, vehicle and industrial control, new energy vehicles, smart household and kitchen appliances.

        Jpmf now has 3 core manufacturing bases in Jiangmen China and European location in d’ Allevard France,, with over 2500 employees globally.  Adhering to the business philosophy of comprehensive flexibility, thoughtfulness and high efficiency, Jpmf serves the customers with customized high-quality services from design phase to mass production and destination delivery at the fastest speed.

        ABOUT JPMF